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Home Irrigation system auto

Two years ago I setup a automatic watering system to water my hanging baskets and pots while I was on holiday for 2weeks,

I have a large water butt that gets filled from the roof of my shed.

I tried a few pumps but best results were from a submerged caravan 12v pump,


I added some waste plumbing pipe and a washing up sponge as a filter to the pump,

The was then submerged in the water butt.

I added some 12mm pipe to this and ran it up my garden when near the top of my garden I reduced the pipe to 8mm, then at the top added to a fuel filter from eBay at a cost of £1.58
Then into a fuel anti return valve eBay £6.50, then into this proper irrigation pipe,


The pipe was ran to each point with p-clips screwed into the wall and a few cable clips,

I originally was putting screws in the end to make it spray out and to limit the flow, but eventually found these.


They work great, the submerged pump is powered from a 12v mains power supply in my kitchen this is switched off and on via a timer digital from Argos at £15 for 3,


The cable used was small flex mains cable, I could have maybe gone higher with the voltage as the cable is 20meters and the volts drop may lose a few volts over that distance, but it works ok and has done for 3 years,

I have had to clean the pipes every year but I was using clear pipe for the first 2 years which seems to fill with green algae but now I am using the black pipe don’t expect to suffer any more.

Thought I would share this info as works great or me.

My timer is 7am until 7.30 and 1600 16:30 every day.


Hope this info helps someone.

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